What the experts are saying:
"There is increasing evidence that cord blood provides some distinct advantages, both logistic and biological, over bone marrow transplants."
-- Journal of the American Medical Association, June 21, 1995.
"Stem cells from cord blood are six to eight times more powerful...than are stem cells from adult bone marrow"
-- Raj N. Pahwa, MD, Schneider Children's Hospital, New York.
"What was a discard has become valuable--indeed priceless to many children with leukemia, and perhaps in the future to children with AIDS and autoimmune diseases, such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis"
-- Science, May 12, 1995
"I think the cord blood program is awesome. I thank God it was available to me. It saved my life and I have a lot to live for."
-- Danielle Williams, Leukemia patient, cord blood recipient, 1996
"This master cell creates the key components of the human blood cell and immune systems. Isolating and manipulating the stem cell will lead to new treatments for cancer, immune defects and other disorders."
-- David W. Golde, M.D., head of hematologic oncology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York.
"Besides being a potential godsend for severely ill sickle-cell patients, the technology may provide new hope for children and adults with certain life-threatening genetic disorders, cancers, and some rare diseases, which involve blood and bone marrow."
-- Boston Globe, April 8, 2000
"Stem cell transplants may one day be an enormous boon to children with certain genetic blood disorders, such as sickle-cell anemia. Now, there is a reason for hope." -- Parade Magazine, August 8, 1999
"The procedure using blood from an unrelated donor could open doors to finding help for the other 70,000 people who suffer from sickle- cell disease."
--The Tampa Tribune, June 13, 1999.
News reports:
See the Medline report that states that the process of separating stem cells "entailed large losses of progenitor cells, the yield of unwashed progenitor cells from unfractionated cord blood being many times greater."
The stem cells from cord blood have been shown to aid patients with brain disorders. Click a link to the National Institutes of Health to read more.
For a general overview of cord blood as a replacement to bone marrow, see a report from CNN interactive
A wealth of information from the National Institute of Health regarding cord blood.
The Family Cord Blood Banking Act may help families pay for cord blood banking using their pretax dollars.  Read about it here
Stem cells could offer hope for those with Alzheimer's.  Check this link


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